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Tucson Jobs

Tucson jobs include top paying engineering positions to entry-level child care and everything in between. The area has a low cost of living which makes it attractive for those looking to relocate. Tucson is also home to the University of Arizona and the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, which provide both academic and military positions. There are also plenty of shops, casinos and ski resorts for those looking for service positions working with the public.

Top Industries in Tucson

Tourism is a top industry in Tucson, which creates a thriving retail, accommodation and food service environment. Administrative jobs, waste management positions and support staff make up the second largest industries. With the number of large corporations, including Afni Inc. and Citi, there are also professional and executive positions available each year for qualified individuals.

Largest Employers in Tucson

When looking for jobs in the Tucson area, consider one of largest employers in the area. The University of Arizona has over 10,800 employees with jobs which teaching, janitorial, clerical and admissions workers.

Raytheon Missile System is the second largest employer. The company manufactures, develops and distributes missile systems for the military, which makes it an excellent position for individuals who have a military background.

Other top employers include the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the State of Arizona, Walmart, Fry's Food Stores and the U.S. Border Patrol.

Pay Scales in Tucson

In 2017, the average salary across all industries in Tucson is $46,140 per year. Waitresses and wait staff made aroundper year, while professional chefs made approximately $41,000. Sales executives made approximately $92,000 per year, while computer programmers made $88,380 on average.

Teachers in Tucson

In 2018, the city of Tucson has 89 public elementary, middle and high schools with over 51,000 students. The average teacher to student ratio is 22 to one. Teachers are retiring or moving to new areas, thus leaving an abundance of job openings in education. Elementary school teachers in the area make approximately $42,000 per year while teaching assistants make around $25,000.

Competitive salaries and a low cost of living make Tucson an excellent place to look for employment.

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